International Volunteer Workshop is Completed

We continue to realize benefit activities even though we can’t get together as Fikir ile Gelecek.

We met despite the distance at ”International Volunteer Workshop” event which International Relations Unit of Fikir ile Gelecek Association held on November 1, Sunday. Our speakers talked about their institutions and how can we involve to this process as well as awareness, experiences and background of their responsibilities.

As you know, The World hosts many Non-governmental Organisations. All of them come together for different aims and they manage to make their voices heard by creating volue. We hosted two of them in our event. Akif Emre Aktaş is Vice President of Türk Kızılay Youth and Head of International Relations Unit in Kızılay and Beyza Yıldırım is Marketing Coordinator in Sakarya branch of AIESEC took part in this event as speakers. We took our first step into international arena with participants from different departments and fields.

We have lots of achieve as long as we support each other. We become thousand lights on an idea and despite the distances, we’re growing side by side.

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